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Hello again all done, sorry for the absence, but had so much to do since our last adventure was just no time for the adventures of two self- thank you very much for Hunk've had comments on my last post to say. In any case, here goes with what happened last Saturday night (all the real garbage, No. Fatasy ).... started out like any normal Saturday morning. I got up, showered, washed my hair, Uncle while washing a car in the garage tinkering until we are ready to go for a xxxltube coffee at lunch were. Today, things were a little tense lately between us has been, what the concerns of work, family obligations, so I said it would be a nice dinner for Valentine's night, I becuse is an excellent chef. So we went to the local coffee shop in our store in town had a cup of coffee had read the newspaper, a walk, when 'The Bell' was passed just below was a lingerie store. I pulled his arm, walked into the store. It was the first tI glanced at EMI who had at some reallly good things, but i jumped a new hit me that I had to buy it.. An all-in - a body of sowing, crutchless ! £ 9. 99 bargain! And by the look on his face, I thought I would run on that , we headed home from the city, where all food is prepared ( risotto xxxltube with fresh salmon fillet with bearnaise sauce ) found rugby to that it was time to start the evening. any case, Hunk started around 7. 15 I was cooking in my new dress doll is changing a bit. When I was in this new piece of technology that fell could not help a bit sloppy, it's on, but at the same time, while my lips were wet little Fanny ! So we ate, we had a good bottle of Lanson ( BUBBLY was again ) were in the living room, which had created the i- pod with some nice relaxing tracks, I was very cold. It took aboout 15 minutes but suddenly I felt his hand rubbing my legs nylon openingat the top. I opened my legs a little so he could touch my butt just cut until Gaggin at this time, either for him or fuck me xxxltube lick your fingers. My eyes were closed, when suddenly I felt that push your middle finger into my wet pussy pain now. let a small moan from her lips felt tehno kiss me, while the other hand began to touch my erect nipples through my shirt Body. With this I was ( to his own surprise ) had his hand and led her upstairs to our room we went to undress each other. It took very little time was a sudden I was in my mid back your face like a breeze on Christmas Day ! pressed on the bed, went through my hole licking crutchless God, I felt dirty ! He licked around 10 minutes, until I came across his face, pulled him to me as my face xxxltube wet rear xxxltube floor ! The annonces that he had bought some baby oil, which would leave us all, xxxltube this was all that had passed, but full of love! Oil is injectedin my hands told me to put on your tail I did rub, while the neck down between my breasts change oil began to wet again i want you inside me now ! I threw it in bed while massaging my breasts mounted, until it suddenly began to oil my little butt hole, when suddenlyboom! In the management of your finger, but I was becuse Lubber, I felt only mild wave of the fingers go while I n the tail see also the rythme reinforced when behind me gave me puppy love. But this was a turning point, he would retire rubs his hard cock in my ass, which made me crazy, but at the same time I was on what could cause pain to walk in. all the time which was developed in demand if I liked, I could xxxltube not lie, I loved it, but xxxltube I was able to average size of his cock in the ass? Then suddenly out of my ass announced he was about to cum, I turned on the finish it on my breasts ( 34DD ). We divided into aHeap, panting, I love to talk a little disappointed that he did not venture into the unknown This is true, ladies, who will inform all new questions, write tou soon... ill M
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